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Kimberley Search and Rescue

If this is an emergency call 911

Who we are

East Kootenay Regional Search and Rescue Society, a registered non profit, operates Kimberley Search and Rescue (KimSAR). We are a group of professional volunteers who respond to calls from requesting agencies such as the RCMP, BC Ambulance Service, Coroner's Service, Local Authorities and Wild Fire. While our primary role is to locate and rescuing lost or injured persons, we are also tasked to support local authorities during mass casualty incidents and acts of nature..

Practice Schedule

The normal training hours are from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. On training nights, always be fully prepared to train outside – that includes bringing a ready pack.

  • 1830 - 2030

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"They give so much and ask so little so that others may live"

CARDA/Search Dogs

Location of person involved in an avalanche and location of persons using a trained dog


Locating of persons by observing the signs they leave as the travel through an area